tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011


Puku Prada, paita & solmio & kengät Balenciaga

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Izi kirjoitti...


Mi Piace il blog. Grazie. A presto!

Izi :)

Гриха kirjoitti...

nice shoose

Munir kirjoitti...

Would you rather wear designer things than pay back educational loans? Just a thought.

mv kirjoitti...

Thank you! Lot of comments from abroad. Just to let you know, I´m starting also english version of my blog at 2pintaa.blogspot.com

Munir, I´ve studied, had loans and paid them all back. So now I can buy things. But it didn´t come without work

vnp777 kirjoitti...

can u check out my blog may be ull like it